オーストラリア短期留学 4 (中学)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 2019/8/20 火曜日 — 10:43:43

– August 14, 2019
I feel Australian people say their opinion more clearly than Japanese people. When I was asked by my host sister, “Are you hungry?” I said, “A little.” Bus she said to me, “Yes or No.” Then I noticed that I do not express myself clearly in Japanese. Also, everyone praises each other very often here. For example, some people have told me, “Nice!” “So cute!” or “I like it.” I love this culture because these words make me happy. So, I think I’m going to use these nice words, and I want to make my friends feel good.
(M3 girl N.T.)

Today, I went to Mt. Coot-tha again. I once again saw the beautiful landscape. The scenery was as if it were above the sky. After that, We went to Botanic Garden. There were various types of plants there. There were also many plants that are not seen in Japan.
And today is the day Yuris has been staying at the same host family is leaving Australia for France. So, we had a party at Yuris’ friend’s homestay house. I played table tennis with Yuris. At the end, Yuris played Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen on the piano. Then the party ended. It was a wonderful day.
(M3 boy Y.H.)

I went to Labrador Park in which there is so beautiful sea today. I cooked some chicken, sausages and some shrimps on the hot plate with my host family and their friend. They tasted very good.
After lunch, we saw feeding of pelicans in the beach. It was a very wild show. Then, we went shopping to get some gifts for my family. There were a lot of shops, and I bought a wallet, shirt, jacket, soap and macadamia nuts. It was a lot of fun.
Today as a fulfilling day when I was able to do various things.
(M3 boy R.S.)

I went shopping at West Field, and I bought two mug cups with a shark design on it. In the afternoon, I visited host sister’s house. There was a baby in her house, and she was very very pretty. I ate some donuts with ice cream. It was delicious, and I love it.
After dinner, I watched a movie “Meitantei Pikachu.” There were some parts that I didn’t understand, but my host family taught me some difficult words when I didn’t understand. So, I really enjoyed it.
(M3 girl M.U.)

Today, we went to Gold Coast, and we had a picnic! There are a lot of pelicans and gulls. They are so cute because I like birds very much. The most impressive thing was that I had my hand bitten by a pelican. It hurt me because I didn’t think a pelican has such strong power.
When we played in the park, the ground was all sand. I was surprised to see that, because the ground is usually hard in Japan. I think sand is better in a park.
(M3 girl C.M.)

In the morning, we went to a mountain to see the waterfall. On the way to the waterfall, my host father said, “Good morning,” to everyone who passed by, and they all returned the greeting. Of course, they didn’t know each other. I have never seen a scene like that in Japan, so I was very surprised.
In the afternoon, we went shopping. I found some differences between Japan and Australia there. In Australia, people do not receive plastic bags when they buy something, so they always carry their own shopping bag when they go shopping. I think it is a good system because it was good for the environment.
I have experienced and learned a lot of things today.
(M3 girl H.F.)

Today, we went to our host brother and sister’s school in the early morning because they had school today. The school is a lot noisier than schools in Japan, so I was really surprised. After that we went to Garden City at around 9:00 o’clock. My friends were coming there at 11:00, so we had to spend some time in the food court. At 11:00, I met my friends and we enjoyed shopping and eating lunch. I ate Big Mac meal in McDonald’s. It felt larger than Japanese one. We went to some stores such as a supermarket, a souvenir shop and so on. We were moved by a sales clerk at Garden City because he was so gentle.
(M3 boy S.U.)

Today, we experienced Australian culture. First, we walked on a mountain. There were many botanical trees. I thought that it was like the jungle cruise in Disney Land. We saw a waterfall. Actually, I went to another waterfall the other day with my host family. But a cave that we went into today is bigger than that one. It had very mysterious beauty. I want to go to waterfalls in Japan. It rained hard today like squall. It didn’t last for a long time. I researched on the Internet and found that squall continues for only a short time. It was refreshing. We have had many good experiences in Australia!
(M3 girl, M.M.)

On August 14, I went to Springbrook National Park. It was far from the city, but there were a lot of nature that is so beautiful. In particular, the thing that remains in my heart is the big waterfall in the cave. Then,I played soccer with my friends and teacher in the park after lunch.
After that, I visited Hinze Dam Visitor Center. I bought a chocolate muffin, and it was very delicious.
Everything was so good. However, it was disappointing that it rained so hard.
I wanted to see the sunny scenery.
(M3 boy K.O.)

オーストラリア短期留学 3 (中学)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 10:35:48

– August 11, 2019
In Australia, I found a few differences between Australia and Japan. First, in Japan, trains come every 3 to 4 minutes, but trains here come once in an hour. When I found this, I was really surprised. If you miss a train, you have to wait for an hour until the next train comes.
Second, in a convenience store or supermarket, Japanese people put money on a tray, but here everyone hands money to the clerk.
Third, Australian people say hello even if they don’t know each other. Japanese people won’t greet to a stranger.
I have found many interesting differences so far.
(M3 girl Y.T.)

Today, I went sightseeing in Brisbane city by bus. I enjoyed shopping with my friends. I looked around various shops, but I was surprised at the sushi shop that sells sushi different from Japan, such as fried shrimp sushi rolls. Also, I drank tapioca milk tea at Gong Cha for the first time, and I was surprised at the amount of tea. Next, I went to University of Queensland. It is one of the top 10 universities in the world, and it was very big and beautiful. I was surprised to see that there is a movie theater and barber on campus. Then, we went to Mt. Coot-tha. I was able to see the whole Brisbane city.
I went to a lot of places today. Enjoyed myself, but I was tired. Tomorrow is a holiday, so I will try to talk to my host parents a lot. I can’t communicate in English well yet, but I will do my best.
(M3 boy Y. M.)

オーストラリア短期留学 2 (中学)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 10:30:34

– August 09, 2019
Today, I attended Canterbury classes with my buddy. His name was Azsaac. When I met him first, I said, “Nice to meet you,” and shook hands with him. He does computer programming like me. He uses python, and C#. I study python as my hobby, so I talked with my buddy about it. Sometimes, my English was not fluent enough to understand, but it was fun to talk with him. Not only this, there were still many common points between us. He loves Pokemon, and he listens to music popular among game players in Japan. We have lots of similarities, and I had good time with him.
(M3 boy K.Y.)

I have discovered something.
Everyone says, “Japanese people are shy while foreign people aren’t.” This is not true. I saw some students here in Australia. Some people are outgoing, and there are some other people who are very shy. I was surprised at this.
I couldn’t talk with local students today, so I will try to speak to them next week. I will probably find some shy boys or girls and talk to them.
(M3 boy T.M.)

Today, I had four classes with my buddy. My buddy was so kind and she helped me a lot. I thought that class system is very different between Japan and Australia. In Japan, we mostly listen to teachers in class, but here, they worked on their own with a laptop. The thing I am impressed with the most is that I have to thank this environment more. Because it isn’t easy that I go to a school in a different country, and it is so profitable. I had lots of fun today, and I am so tired.
(M3 girl K.S.)

オーストラリア短期留学 1 (中学)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 10:26:54

– August 08, 2019
Today is the first day in this study abroad program in Australia. I was nervous until I met my host family. But, when I talked, she was very kind, and I felt relaxed. After that, we went shopping at the supermarket with my host family. I was surprised at the size of the shopping car and products.
Also, the house has a very large garden and swimming pool. It is a one-story house, unlike a Japanese house. I ate host mother’s favorite seasoned dish, but I didn’t like it.
(M3 girl S.N.)

Today, the first day of studying abroad in Australia, I visited Australia for the first time. When we arrived in Canterbury College, we looked around the campus in the orientation session. While we were walking, some local students waved their hands at us and said, “Hello.” I was impressed with their friendliness.
When I took Mrs. Bonica’s classes, I was so tired that I couldn’t concentrate. I found myself feeling uneasy sometimes, but I will work as hard as possible.
(M3 girl A.O.)

It was my first time to go abroad on a plane with my friends, so we kept talking and didn’t sleep much. But once we arrived at Brisbane Airport, we regretted not sleeping enough. Then, on our way to Canterbury College, we saw few houses, and everything else was just trees. Once we arrived at Canterbury College, we had a meat pie and sausage rolls, both are Australian typical food, and they were very tasty. After we had a delicious food, we went to a school tour. The school was so big that we couldn’t see all the classrooms. After the tour, we met Australian animals and reptiles. I was able to touch them.
After school, our host mother came to pick us up. Our host mother is from the Philippines. She is a very nice person and we call her “mom”. She had told us that our host father won’t be at home, but I was surprised when he came home. He told us he would take us to a market tomorrow after school, where we can eat Australian food. I’m looking forward to it.
(M3 girl M.I.)

オーストラリア短期留学 11 (高校)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 10:09:25

August 16th, 2019
This morning,I was surprised to find Reina was in the living room. I ate yogurt, bacon and eggs and cornflakes for
breakfast. Then, we picked up Hiroki and went to school. On the way, I came across an interesting bird on the road.
I arrived at school and met my buddy Caleb. He asked me some questions. Such as what my favorite subjects were, what I did yesterday and about my future. When I said “I wanna be a public servant, he said, “that’s pretty cool. I wanna be a lawyer because I like debating.”
Today’s first class was double English. I learned about “Romeo and Juliet”. It was hard because it uses a lot of old English words but Caleb told me their meaning so I could follow the class. When reading aloud, he acted the part of Romeo. He was good at acting and praised by the teacher.
The next class was double physics. At first, its contents were easy but it grew more difficult. However, our teacher explained it so I could understand it easily.
The last class was P.E. and we played volleyball. I wasn’t good at volleyball but Caleb supported me and I could enjoy it. When I went home, I slept right away. Today’s dinner was fish and chips. The fish was especially^ yummy so I wanted to eat more but there wasn’t so much. If I have the chance to eat it again, I will eat a lot!
T.I (H1 Boy)

August 17th and 18th, 2019
Today, Reina’s host mother took Reina, Taifu and me out for the day.
It was lovely weather and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
First, we went to a beach and we could walk in the sea as it was low tide. We walked 2km to an island. It was good experience because it is very lovely view. When I was walking, my cap flew off in the wind and got dirty.
After that we went to a park which had a lot of nature. There were many children in the park. Reina’s host mother gave us hotdogs when we sat and enjoyed the view. They were very delicious. After that we went home by the car.
Today’s dinner is fish and chips. It is my favorite food in Australia. It was very nice.
Today, I was very tired but it was a very nice day.
I’m looked forward to going to the Gold Coast tomorrow.
H.K (H1 boy)

August 18th, 2019
I went to the Gold Coast today.The ocean was very beautiful and I was able to buy a lot of souvenirs. That said, while there, I had a problem- my beach sandals broke.
I ate fish and chips for lunch. It was delicious and I was able to see a lot of pelicans there too. The pelican show was so powerful.
It was a great way to spend my last weekend day in Australia.
R.U (H1 Girl)

August 19th, 2019
Today, we had ESL lessons for whole day.
We had a new teacher and we introduced about ourselves at first. We learned English grammar, and had some mini games. Our teacher told us about the problems of the Australian environment and eco systems. There are a lots of animals that were brought here by humans. They eat native animals and cause serious problems the same as in Japan. After that, we played some card games. We could enjoy playing card games in English.
When I went home, my host mother made a chocolate cake for me. My host mother often makes cakes. All of them are very delicious, but the chocolate one is the one that I like the best. After that, we watched a movie.My host mother and I watch a movie after dinner everyday. I really enjoy it.
We have only three days left. I want to enjoy my time left in Australia.
H.S (H1 Girl)