オーストラリア短期留学 9 (中学)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 2019/8/21 水曜日 — 14:35:44

– August 19, 2019
Today, I learned about Aboriginal culture. Firstly, I learned about buildings. There are various buildings in Australia. For example, Q1, a high-rise apartment, Parramatta and Government House built in 1800. I found that there are both new buildings and old ones in Australia.
Secondly, I learned about food. It is different from Japan, especially about BBQ. Most people in Japan enjoy BBQ in summer, but Australian people enjoy it every weekend. I’m surprised at this.
Thirdly, I learned about boomerangs. A boomerang is painted in various designs. They express Aboriginal mythology, Dreamtime stories. That left a strong impression on me.
I found that Aboriginal culture has come down to us in this class.
I am enjoying this study abroad program!
(A.T., M3 girl)

Today, we learned about Aboriginal dot painting, Australian buildings and cuisines. Aboriginal dot paintings were created to tell stories about their Dreamtime spirits, so I thought I would draw on my boomerang painting that has a story. However, I could only use dots. Therefore, it was hard.
Next, I studied Australian famous buildings and food. I will write one thing that I was impressed with. My English teacher, Mrs. Bonica, showed us Vegemite. Because I didn’t have water, I didn’t try it, but most of my classmates said that it was not tasty. I think Japanese are not used to eating Vegemite.
Finally, the central part of Australia is mostly deserted, and some Aboriginal people live there. I felt Japanese transportation is very developed.
(R.S., M3 boy)

Medical & Health Care Program at Duke University 2

Medical & Health Care Program】 2019/8/20 火曜日 — 13:56:50


Monday, August 19, 2019
Today started with breakfast at 8:30 am where we had a variety of choices including fruits, cereal, eggs, sausage patties and breakfast potatoes. Then, after a brief talk about GPSA rules, everyone boarded the bus to Duke University.

Once at Duke, we made our way to the science quad, where the students listened to a talk on Neurosurgery in Uganda, given by Britany, a Duke University and Graduate school alumni. Britany explained about the fact that there are many public health problems in Uganda that can lead to trauma incidents that require brain surgery.

Although there are some trained neurosurgeons in Uganda, there are not many and they are not often equipped with the right tools and technological support at their public hospitals.

The students listened to the talk very seriously while taking notes.

Following her talk, Brittany and Duke professor Robert Malkin (the founder and head of GPSA) joined us for a lunch at one of the two campus centers. We had sandwiches, wraps, potato chips and cookies.

Following lunch and a break, Brittany led us on a tour of the Duke University campus. First, we saw the dormitories, which are housed inside beautiful brick buildings. We learned that much of the gothic architecture on the campus is made to look very old, but actually, most of it was built in the 1930s.

Brittany also said that there are a lot of “fake” chimneys and fireplaces on the campus which are only there for aesthetics and don’t actually work! Regardless, they do look good…

Speaking of sports, our next stop was Krzyzewskiville, or K-ville, as it’s referred to by Duke students. Brittany told us that groups of up to 12 students will take turns camping out for 3 months, waiting to get their hands on Duke basketball tickets.

Next, we took a look at the School of Medicine, which is next to the Duke University Hospital. The school of medicine is a beautiful, more modern building on campus. Brittany told us that the school is running out of stone in their private quarry, so many of the new buildings aren’t totally covered in stone, but supplemented with more modern materials like concrete and glass.

Our second-to-last stop was the beautiful campus chapel. We went inside and silently toured the church before finishing our tour at the school shop and then heading back to Alvia, the retreat center. At the retreat center, students listened to a talks by Monica and Angela on COPD and heart disease. We had a turkey burger dinner and finished up the night with reflection. Check out the GPSA Health Twitter account linked here to see student Tweets.

オーストラリア短期留学 8 (中学)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 12:40:31

– August 18, 2019
Today, I went shopping and something surprising happened to me. There were many Japanese words in Daiso, and most of the goods there were sold there were made in Japan.
In a big supermarket, I needed to pay for bags to put things that I bought. I thought it is good for the environment and Japan should imitate this.
In the evening, I had hot dogs, salad and Australian Bavarian cream. The hotdogs were really good, so I ate too much.
I want to enjoy the rest of my stay in Australia.
(N.I., M3 girl)

This morning, I was going to go shopping, but we had to go to my host mother’s friend’s house first. She is a high school principal and has four dogs. One of them had six babies in her stomach. The dog was having this morning,. My host mother has helped a dog which was having babies before, so we went to her friend’s house to help the dog. When we arrived at her house, three puppies had already been born. The mother was sleeping. I saw the three puppies, and they were so tiny and very cute. Also, we saw the scene of birth. Maybe, many people don’t like it, but it was interesting for me.
After that, my host grandfather came to pick us up, and we went shopping. I was anxious about puppies all the time. Then, when I got home, I asked her about them. “5 boys and one girl. They are alright,” she said I was relieved to hear that.
This experience was very good for me. I’ve seen it on TV, but I’d never seen it before. So, I will never forget it.
(M.S., M3 girl)

– August 19, 2019
Today, I went to the kindergarten library to meet kindergarten students. It was good to hear the kindergarten teacher read the book to the kindergarten children and to see them interact. I enjoyed watching them and listening to the story as well. Being a student from Japan and eager to learn English, I found the experience to be valuable and enjoyable.
Learning with children really helps to learn English, I am glad the school provided this
opportunity. Thank you to Canturbury College.
(H.K., M3 boy)

The weather in the morning was foggy. It was so bad.
We studied grammar, conversation, and vocabulary. We also learned Aussie slangs in the first lesson. This was the most difficult in today’s lessons. In the second lesson, we watched some movies about Australian money. After lesson, I went to canteen. I bought Nacho’s there. Some boys bought one too. It was made with corn chips, salsa, sour cream and avocado. During the third lesson, we drew a surfer with my group. I had a nice day.
(R.A., M3 boy)

Today, I had the first ESL lesson. I learned a lot about Australian culture. For me, learning about Australian money was very interesting. In Japan, notes are made of paper while Australian notes are made of plastic. So Australian notes will be not damaged if you had accidentally washed it. I was very surprised.
After school, we went to Woolworths. In Australia, there are big shopping carts. Because Australians don’t go shopping every day, they buy a lot. One thing I was surprised at was there were two ways to use the shopping basket. I can use it like a shopping cart or carry it in my hand. It was very useful to use it like a shopping cart, so I wanted to use it in Japan too.
At dinner, we ate meat cutlet. It was good. It has been 12 days since I came to Australia, and I am getting used to using a knife and fork.
After dinner, we watched Australia’s Got Talent. First, I was too shy to talk to my host parents, but now I can say my opinions very easily, and I’m very happy about it. Today, I laughed a lot by having a lot of conversation with my host family. I think this is the result of my efforts, and I have improved a lot more than I imagined. So I don’t have any regrets. It was a very good experience for me. There are only a few days left, so I will try my best to talk to my host family.
(Y.N., M3 girl)

オーストラリア短期留学 7 (中学)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 12:36:35

– August 18, 2019
Today, we went to the zoo and saw koalas the kangaroos. I have seen them in a Japanese zoo, but they were put into a cage and there is usually a space between them and us. However, we were able to hug a koala and gave kangaroos some food today. It was a valuable experience for me and I was impressed.
After that, we went to the beach and had a walk. The sand was superfine, so it made a noise when I walked over it.
This is my first time to travel abroad, and I have experienced a lot of differences between Australia and Japan. We had a lot of fund, and I’ll try to keep doing my best.
(M.T., M3 girl)

Today, we went to Gold Coast as an excursion.
First, we visited a zoo which is called Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. There were many kinds of animals in this zoo, and we took many pictures of them. I held a koala and fed a kangaroo. They were much cuter than seeing in the pictures. Some birds flew over my head in the bird show. I felt the birds in this zoo were very smart because they flew according to human directions. Trains were running in the zoo, so I thought the land was very large!
Next we went to the beach around 13:30. I saw the horizon. This is a rare opportunity in my life. A pleasant breeze was blowing, and the sea was cal m and much cleaner than Tokyo Bay. By having the experiences above, I was able to lead a fulfilling day.
(K.T., M3 boy)

オーストラリア短期留学 6 (中学)

オーストラリア留学,広報】 12:32:44

– August 18, 2019
Today, I took four classes with my buddy. his was the 4th time to take classes with her. She is very kind, and we exchanged email addresses. After school, we talked via email.
Also, I gave her and her friends Japanese snacks in break time. After break time, she said, “we enjoyed the snacks. They were good.” I became happy to hear the word.
I have one last day to be able to take classes with her, so I want to enjoy the day and I want to talk with her more.
(E.I., M3 girl)

I took classes with my buddy today. My buddy is very friendly and her friends are very interesting, so I had a good time. I gave snacks to them. They were happy!
After lunch, I walked with my friend. And then, a boy talked to us. He introduced himself in Japanese, and he likes Japan. We were surprised and happy.
Today’s last lesson was a lot of fun! Because my friends are very interesting.
This study abroad program is already half-finished. I will cherish each day.
(T.R., M3 girl)

Today was a good day. I took a class in math and science with my buddy. My buddy gave me a balloon. I’m going to go to the zoo. I want to see koalas, dingos and many birds. I heard from my host family that I can hold koala, and I want to eat hamburgers because Australia is famous for beef.
(H.O., M3 boy)