〒106-0047 Tokyo Minato Ku Minami Azabu 5-1-14 Tel: 03-3444-7271


●By train:
Exit 4 from Hiroo Station on the Hibiya Line
●By bus:
Toei Bus (Shina) 97 Running between Shinagawa station and Shinjuku station.
Toei Bus (Kuro) 77 Running between Meguro station and Sendagaya station.
Get off at Nisseki Iryo Center Shita/Hiroo Gakuen Mae.

Around Hiroo Gakuen

Hiroo Gakuen is surrounded by embassies creating a truly international atmosphere.

Arisugawanomiya Memorial Park
Rich in nature, this lovely green park will almost make you believe you aren’t right in the center of the city.

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library
Containing around 1.5 million books, this public library is the largest in the country.


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