Returnee Student Entrance Exam Admission Guidelines

Senior High School

Returnee Student Entrance Exam Admission Guidelines

Admission Criteria

At Hiroo Gakuen, prospective students who fit the requirements listed below are considered "returnee students," and are eligible to undergo a special selection process for those who wish to attend our school.

Basic Admission Requirements for Returnee Student Entrance Exam
(a) Be a Japanese returnee who has lived overseas for more than a year and has returned to Japan in the last three years.
(b) Hold at least (or equivalent to) the second grade of the Eiken English proficiency exam. (Applicants wishing to apply for The International Course.)

New HS 1st Grade Returnee Student Entrance Exam Guidelines
[April, 2024 HS Entrance]


pdf Download: (Returnee Student)Education History (PDF)  or xlsx(EXCEL)

pdf Download: (Returnee Student)SAMPLE Education History (PDF)

 ※↓Required Documentation for Enrollment Entrance(Not required at the time of application)

pdf Download: Certificate of foreign residence provided by employer (PDF)



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